Release v0.5

August 16, 2010

Our first public release is out. Woo hoo! The FlexLayouts library v0.5 is available for download. All code is MIT and available on github.

After a lot of hard procrastinating, we are happy to finally deliver our initial public release with two custom layouts for your pleasure: FlowLayout and SnakeLayout. Documentation and sample code are included in The Gallery.

Our Mission

Our mission is to simplify and accelerate custom component creation in Flex 4 by providing an open source library of custom Flex 4 layouts. Layouts are easily one of the most portable and re-usable pieces of code from project to project. They are also amazingly powerful and flexible. Thus we feel it only makes sense to package a set of high quality, well tested, Flex 4 layouts into a ready-to-use layout library.

The Future

We decided to start small with just two custom layouts in the initial release. The plan was to make something available as soon as possible, open the doors to community involvement, and then worry about filling in the gaps. We expect to be adding a more great layouts to the library on a regular basis.

Please download and enjoy,

— Justin & Gilles





I look forward to seeing some animated 3D layouts — such as carousel and coverflow. I’ve just learned that one can swap out and reuse these layouts within the generic spark list component. A very powerful capability. Check out this site I found that has an animated 3d coverflow:




This is awesome, looking forward to seeing this collection grow.